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This changelog is only for the 6.1+ Version.


  • Bugfix: Rewritten JSONP Request procedures
  • Feature: FeUser ViewHelpers added
  • Feature: Complete rewritten login
  • Feature: Magento login now with or without ajax
  • Feature: Direct Login Error Messages now appear in Magento
  • Bugfix: TYPO3 Messages now stay in the center of the screen
  • Bugfix: Only products that are deactivated are now hidden
  • Bugfix: Custom Redirect Page on successful login now works. (window.location)
  • Bugfix: Removed deprecated method call setRespectEnableFields
  • Bugfix: Customer Actions will not be redirected to login anymore, except logoutAction


  • Notice: Beauty-fixes


This Update requires MageLink 0.1.1 on Magento! Please update.

  • Bugfix: Store View Code now working with products
  • Feature: Store View Code now visible in backend layout (List and Site)
  • Bugfix: Fixed Javascript Translation Errors
  • Bugfix: Flexform Product List will now display active store view code products
  • Feature: Documentation Link now in constants settings


  • Initial release
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