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MageLink offers extended integration methods to connect Magento with TYPO3. It was designed to create a product catalog within TYPO3 to display information about products.

Some of the core features are:

  • Written in Extbase/Fluid
  • Ajax powered Single SignOn/SignOff
  • Display Products on your website (Simple, Bunde, Configurable)
  • Display shopping cart
  • Add category based navigation
  • Integrate Productdata with ViewHelpers to your site
  • Display several blocks
  • Forgot Password Form
  • Connects over webservices OR direct integration (include) (Magento needs to be on the same server for direct integration)

The TYPO3-Extension is written in Extbase/Fluid. It requires TYPO3 6.1+

Otherwise, please refer to the MageLink TYPO3 4.5 compatibility version.

MageLink offers different integration methods for Magento's Data:

  • Product Integration
  • Category Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • Block Integration
  • Single SignOn/SignOff
  • Forgot Password Form
  • ViewHelpers to directly fetch data from Magento

The MageLink Module in Magento is the listener for requests that come from TYPO3. It delivers all information that is requested by the MageLink Plugins in TYPO3. MageLink creates its data connection by Webservices or by direct inclusion.

The direct way only works when TYPO3 and Magento are located on the same server.

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