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Installation and Configuration Magento


If Magento and TYPO3 share the same domain, please change the setting Cookie Path to /

Please go to Web > Session-Cookie-Management > Cookie-Path and enter a /

Installing the Module

Use the Magento Connect Manager to install MageLink. You can obtain the installation key from the following url:

or download directly from the downloads page

Please make sure, you can install extensions that are in beta state. To make sure, please check the following setting in the “Settings”-Tab.

After successful installation, it should appear in your “Existing Extensions”-List

Module Configuration

Go to System - Configuration and find the line that is named “Services”. Within this, you should find a new option called “MageLink”. If not, please clear the cache and try again.

Single SignOn/Off Settings


Please enter the full url to the TYPO3 Site

URL of the TYPO3 Login Site

Please enter the full url to the TYPO3 Site where the Login Plugin is included.

Enable Ajax Single SignOn/Off Listener

This setting enables the ajax listener on Magento. Set it to off if TYPO3 and Magento share the same domain!

Connection Settings

Shared Key for decryption

Please enter the same encryption/decryption key, that you've used in TYPO3.

Import Settings

Associated website on customer import

Please select the default website, where the imported customers are assigned to, when the user source setting is TYPO3

Configuring Webservices

This setting is only needed if Magento and TYPO3 are located on different servers.

Add a new role

Please go to System - Webservices - Roles and add a new role to create access for the webservice-user you will add later.

MageLink needs the following rights to work properly:

Adding a new API User

Go to System - Webservices - Users and add a new user.

Don't forget to assign the role to the user!

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