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 ===== Category Display Settings ===== ===== Category Display Settings =====
-{{::​plugin_category_display_settings.jpg?​direct |}} +{{::​plugin_category_display_settings.jpg?​direct&​400 ​|}}
 === Root Category === === Root Category ===
 +Please select the starting category
 +=== Root Display Mode ===
 +The starting display mode
 +=== Continuing Display Mode ===
 +The display mode, when a category was clicked
 +=== Always display full category tree ===
 +This setting enables the possibility to show the complete category tree, even when the user clicked on a subcategory. The normal setting will change the tree, to where the user is currently located
 +===== Product Display Settings =====
 +{{:​plugin_category_product_display_settings.jpg?​direct&​400 |}}
 +=== Display Type for Products ===
 +This setting changes the display type of the products. Please note, that you can also combine the plugins to get a result of displaying categories and products. For more information,​ [[advanced_techniques|click here.]]
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 ---- ----
 +===== Load Settings =====
 +{{:​plugin_category_load_settings.jpg?​direct&​400 |}}
 +=== Refresh all data from magento on page load ===
 +When this setting is enabled, MageLink will always reload the complete data from Magento. If you are using webservices,​ this will decrease the page load!
 +=== Store View Code ===
 +This setting can change the used store view code
-{{:​plugin_category_product_display_settings.jpg?​direct |}} 
-{{:​plugin_category_load_settings.jpg?​direct |}} 
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