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TYPO3 Displaying Products

Add the plugin to your site

By clicking the add content button to your site, you are now able to choose “MageLink Product Integration” from the “MageLink”-Tab.

Display Type for products


Use this setting to display a product list on your page


Use this setting to display a product grid on your page


This integrates short product information to your page


Full details of a product

Dynamic Detail View Listener

This plugin offers the possibility to dynamic display product details. It will listen for a product id and then display it. Please refer to this section for more information.

Please note: If you don't set the page, every link will point to the Magento Product Page!

Product Source Setting

Manual product selection

You can manually choose products from a list

Single category selection

You can choose a category and all products from that category will be used


You can use different filters to select products

If you've integrated an Category Plugin somewhere on the page, this plugin will then listen for a clicked category and will display the products from the current active category

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