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Installation and Configuration TYPO3

If you want to use MageLink for TYPO3 4.5, please refer to the downloads section


Please note the following things to let the plugin work properly:

  • Install the PHP SOAP Module in case you get an Class 'soapclient' not found Error
  • Since Magento 1.7 was released, there were a few rewrite changes for catching the WSDL.

We recommend that you use index.php/ in the Magento URL, if you're experiencing Webservice Errors!

Install the extension to your TYPO3 Website

Please install the extension by direct upload of via the Extension Manager. The extension key is magelink and is available in the repository. After the successful installation it should appear in your “Available Extensions”-List

Add Static to your Template

Add the “MageLink Extension (magelink)” to the static of your template file as seen on the following picture.

Constants Editor

To configure the extension, use the constant editor in your template.



Backend Cache Lifetime

The lifetime of the stored information that is used in the backend (Product List, Category List …)

Import Settings

Import Address

Select the default import addresstype when the user is imported from Magento

Store View Code

Store View Code Setting. You are also able to configure the store view code in the plugin settings

Image Import Filepath

The default filepath for importing images from Magento

User Source

This option selected the source of the user data

Default Frontend User Group

This selects the default user group for imported users

Login Settings

Login Time Difference in seconds

This security setting sets the difference when a user can log in.

Allowed user details for response

This setting gives you the possibility to add or remove user details from the fluid template.

Magento Settings

Magento URL

Please enter the Magento frontend URL

Magento Root Path

If Magento is located on the same server and direct accessible, you can enter the path to the Magento instance. By using this setting, the data is fetched directly without webservices.

To find the correct path, you can refer to the DOCUMENT_ROOT information in the upper area of the MageLink Constants.

Redirect Settings

Redirect location on global logout

This option selects the logout location

Webservice Settings

Magento SOAP Username

The username for the webservice

Magento SOAP Key

The API key for the webservice

Encryption/Decryption Key

The same key that you are using in Magento


Custom Template Settings


Default storage PID

Please enter the page id where you want to store retrieved data from Magento.

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