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Important Information

This Extension is obsolete.

MageLink was completely rewritten. Please send an e-mail to for further information.

Newest Features

  • Direct Magento Integration (Huge performance Increases)
  • Direct TYPO3 Integration (on Magento Side)
  • Single SignOn/SignOff with User Source TYPO3 OR Magento
  • Configurable and Bundle Products are now supported
  • Easy Ajax-assisted Configuration
  • Shopping cart with Buttons to Edit
  • No more “Ping-Pong” with Data-Exchange
  • Search in Product List/Grid
  • Sorting in Product List/Grid
  • Advanced Productfiltering by Attributes
  • Ajax-Search for Products in TYPO3-Backend when manually adding Products
  • Better Frontend Templates
  • Forgot-Password Plugin
  • Checkout (BETA) can be integrated
  • TYPO3 Plugins Backend Improvements
  • Combination of Category and Product Plugins
  • Integration of various Magento Blocks from Route/Controller/Action
  • Magento can import TYPO3 Pages or display TYPO3-Content by UID (by Block)
  • English Documentation

MageLink Installation Guide

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